I’ve been noticing that lately a mod author going by the name of Doodlez has been getting lots of praise and is hilariously being called an “SKSE god.” The only problem with this is that Doodlez is a known thief who has been been caught stealing the work of others and passing it off as his own multiple times now.

You may be asking yourself why I created this post. I did it because sunlight is the best disinfectant and if people are willing to throw money at this guy, they should at least know what kind of human being he is and what he has done. Below, we’ll dig into some nice receipts I’ve collected from multiple parties and shared with permission.

Let’s get started. On August 7th of 2021 Doodlez (aka Doodlezoid) contacted Marty McFly about some “stolen” code on the Nexus, uploaded by a mod author who goes by the name Kojak. The code he reported contained work from Marty and myself.

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According to Doodlez, he was “playing around” with some unreleased code, and gave it to a few people But claims he DEFINITELY told them not to redistribute it. The code was from an unreleased Skyrim LE enb project of mine, Filmic LE (FLE). This project had contributions from many of my close friends, including Marty McFly, and kingeric1992. Doodlez never contacted me at all concerning this issue.

 The next day, Doodlez contacted Kojak and somehow managed to ask with a straight face, where Kojak got the code.

Shortly after this, Doodlez reported Kojak to the Nexus and Kojak blocked him feeling completely blindsided and betrayed. Note the date here is August 6th-7th. A full week later on the 14th, Doodlez tries to lie to Marty claiming he had JUST confronted Kojak about the issue, however an entire week had passed in which time he had reported the “stolen” code and put Kojak in hot water with the Nexus, prompting Kojak to block him completely in the meantime.

 Take note here, that Marty told Doodlez to inform me of the theft of my work, which Doodlez ignored. Doodlez never contacted me concerning any of this.

So, let’s find out exactly where Kojak got the “stolen” code from.

Doodlez handed out stolen code on July 13th, 2020, over a year before. So how did I find out about this? On August 26th 2021 (Kojak had been dealing with this stress for nearly two months at this point), I woke up and saw this DM from Kojak:

So, let’s clarify this a bit. Doodlez snatched some code right out of the FLE project, starts messing with it in his NLA port to SSE, gives the code to Kojak. Kojak then asks for Doodlez permission to upload this work to the Nexus. Doodlez agrees. Kojak then uploads the work to the Nexus. THEN DOODLEZ REPORTS KOJAK TO THE NEXUS FOR UPLOADING STOLEN CODE!

This brings us back to this moment when Doodlez told Marty this:

“No redistribution whatsoever”

 Ok, so Doodlez is in the clear? Not at all. Let’s take a look at how permission was actually obtained.

I’m sorry, does anyone see any explicit imperative to nOt rEdiStRiBuTe? I sure don’t. Looks to me like Doodlez gave a nice blanket permission.

 After Kojak innocently uploaded the content he had no clue contained stolen code, he kindly offered to compensate Doodlez for “his work” after Doodlez sent him a DM basically asking for it. “where muh dp?”

However, here is Doodlez lying to Marty just ONE week later on the 14th claiming he waited 3 weeks before accepting the DP, despite the receipts above showing otherwise. At every turn, he was doing his best to lie and paint himself as the good guy.

So, Doodlez snatches code right out of my FLE project, allows Kojak to upload this code, then accepts 30K DP (or rather 30 USD) so that Doodlez can buy himself Nexus Premium, then reports Kojak for uploading stolen code after getting his Nexus Premium. Amazing…

Then, while chatting with Marty about this, Doodlez had this to say:

What would have happened had he contacted me about this? Nothing. I’d have worked with him to straighten things out.

 What he instead did, is lie to people pretending like he was being upstanding, while in reality, he took 30 THOUSAND DP to buy himself Nexus Premium… with my work and Marty’s work from an unreleased project he had no right to distribute in the first place, then nearly caused the mod author he took money from to quit the modding scene entirely.

 And what happened to the 30K DP that Doodlez owed to Kojak? He never paid it back. I offered to pay Kojak out of my own pocket, which Kojak told me he didn’t need it, but if I wanted to, to simply donate it to a charity. So I asked him which charity he preferred and donated 30 USD in his name.

Doodlez is a thief and took money for code that he stole so he could buy himself Nexus Premium, then bullied the guy he sold the code to by reporting him to the Nexus to cover things up. What Doodlez did to Kojak is terrible.

– TreyM

Doodlez’s Greatest Hits

More information that further demonstrates Doodlez’s lovely behavior.

In June of 2022, the Nexus changed their policy on how blocking works. Previously, if a mod author blocked a user, that user would be unable to access the files of that mod author. This policy was changed so that blocked users could not comment the file but could still see and download the content.
Link to original post here.

Here is Doodlez antagonizing Kojak nearly a year after what he did to him. No remorse whatsoever.

Next, let’s take a look at Doodlez telling a victim of sexual abuse to “shut up.”

Here is Doodlez, in a DM directly to me, one week before I discovered that he stole from Marty and myself, complaining about stuff being stolen from him! All this while he was attempting to cover up his own theft of mine and Marty’s code. The irony is just wild…

Years ago, he was caught outright stealing the Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth weather mod from L00ping and slightly modifying it then re-uploading it as his own mod titled NLO (Natural Lighting Overhaul? something I can’t even remember at this point). In the GIF below, you can see that it is clearly just modified slightly.

Very basic changes

He was caught when L00ping and I opened up the NLO weather mod ESP plugin file in xEdit only to find L00ping’s name as well as “Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth” in the header. The NLO mod was immediately removed from the Nexus.

Eventually, he did nearly the same exact thing again, this time stealing L00ping’s NAC basically by omission. He had requested permission to use NAC in Fallout Cascadia, provided proper credit was given. Then he proceeded to tell everyone it was his custom weather mod with zero mention of L00ping or NAC.

Doodlez bragging about “his” weather mod

He was at the time on the modding team for a mod called Fallout Cascadia. When the modding team learned of what he had done originally by outright stealing NAC, then essentially doing the same thing again, he was promptly booted from the team and banned from their Discord server.

Conversation in L00ping’s Discord server circa 2017

This post was originally going to be hosted here solely on my own web site, however someone initiated a DDOS attack on my site and I was unable to even access my blog. I can’t confirm it was Doodlez or someone helping him, but it’s extremely suspicious. Certainly considering the site is barely a week old as of the time of this writing and the link had only been shared over discord with less than 10 people. Who would randomly DDOS a brand new blog site with no visible content that almost no one had the link to?

This post is alternatively also hosted to in the event of another DDOS attack: HERE

My request for support concerning the site
Hostinger confirming my site was attacked

Doodlez is a REPEAT OFFENDER THIEF. He has done this for YEARS now. Will this matter? I doubt it. People will still worship this dude hardcore all over Reddit, but people should know what kind of person he is.

– TreyM